Straws provided by nature

An eco-friendly
solution to

plastic pollution.

We have only one planet

and it is our common duty and

responsibility to protect it.

Here at YNI,

we believe that we have found

a real solution to replace

plastic straws

and all other alternatives

such as metal, glass,

paper and PLA.

An international handful

of determined people

combining nature,

centuries old tradition

and innovation.


- Established April 2019 -

Our straws are grown in the tropical wetlands of Vietnam, are handpicked by local farmers, and cut, cleaned, sterilized and packaged in our headquarters.


Grey sedge and tropical reed are natural plants long used by rural farmers and grow alongside agriculturally cultivated areas. 


Our Straw Line

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100 % natural and biodegradable

No preservatives, no chemicals

Food grade certified*

Revitalizes in liquid 

Gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free

No deforestation, super low ecological footprint

Helps protect habitat of endangered species

Harvested in the Mekong delta of Vietnam

*Certified to be completely harmless to humans by the respective National Vietnamese and European Authorities (Ministry of Public Health of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and EMI-TUV-SUD in Europe)

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Contact Us

Main HQ

13A đường Bàu Tre, ấp Bàu Tre 1, xã Tân An Hội, Huyện Củ Chi, T.P. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

+84 326542626

When you commit to using nature-friendly products, you want to rest assured that

every part of the production process is sustainable. 

With YNI, not only do you get just that, you help ensure job opportunities to people of rural areas and conserve the habitat of local wildlife at the same time.

We make these straws. With Love.
Thanks and see you soon!
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