Straws provided by nature

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Est. 2019

An eco-friendly
solution to

plastic pollution.

We have only one planet

and it is our common duty and

responsibility to protect it.

Here at YNI,

we're convinced we have found

a real solution to replace

plastic straws

and all other alternatives

such as metal, glass,

paper and PLA.

More than just grass


You might  know them as "grass straws"

 This type of grass is called Grey Sedge

a.k.a  "Sedgy"

Grey sedge grows abundantly in the tropical wetlands

of Southern Vietnam along the Mekong delta,

mainly in the Long An Province. 

High in alkaline, this iron rich area is suitable 

for only certain types of plants.

Sedgies help support the livelihoods of

the farmers, local workers,

and their families.

YNI strawlific woman tying bundle in fie

Sedgies are harvested roughly

every 12 months.

10% of each field is left unharvested

and the strongest ones are spread out

and replanted, roots and all.

This circular, regenerative farming method

assures a stead supply, helps protect the

ecosystem, and provides secure work.


The wetlands are also home to the endangered

"bird of love," the Sarus Crane.

There are only 13,00~15,000 wild full grown adults (IUCN).

As Ho Chi Minh continues its rapid growth, 

industrial areas continue to expand. By preserving the fields, we can also preserve the biodiversity and habitat of this precious red-listed animal.

Segies don't go soggy!

In fact they become stronger and 

more durable as they soak up liquid.

YNI Strawlific sedgy bend back to normal

Premium Sedgy

15 mins. in water

Sedgies don't stop there.

When they're finished being a straw,

turn them into compost or fertilizer,

decorations, fuel for your bonfire,

or even animal feed.


Unlike straws made from PLA (polylactic acid), which don't fully biodegrade in natural conditions, Grey Sedge is 

Nature itself.

Even if you happen to drop

it on the ground, it literally...

can't become waste.


Sedgies in a 10 second nutshell!


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