Our Story

David Simon

CEO / YNI Vietnam

  In 2010, I left my corporate life and set out on a journey to walk around the world, which lasted the next four years.


  Every day was eye-opening. There were challenges, moments of immense joy, and the painful unclad signs of reality. Not to mention the occasional life-threatening episode.


  Through my trip, I can honestly say from first-hand experience that our connection to Nature is so elemental and essential.


  And that water is life.


  It was another takeaway of this journey to ultimately understand the myriad of similarities among all of us, our common needs, fears and desires for happiness and pleasure.


  After returning to Europe and my homeland I found myself unable to fully re-integrate and I moved to Asia to focus on personal growth and gain some bittersweet experience at the UN.


  Then one day in early 2019 while at dinner in Vietnam, I came across something that connected many dots from my years of pondering how I can contribute to the world while pursuing personal fulfillment.

Corey Turpin


   Living in Japan longer than I have my home country of USA has added levels to an already unique perspective on life.


  Extensive travel including my own journey around the globe (in my case by boat) propelled me even further into an “aim for earthling” type mindset.


   In trying to overcome the many problems we collectively face as a human race, I think it’s important to realize that the only thing we are free to do is choose.


  So when David invited me onboard this project last spring, I understood where it was coming from.


  One trip to Vietnam in June 2019 was enough for me to see how relevant and promising these tiny giants were, as both a global solution and a catalyst for further smart change.


   I hope to use my experience as a translator, dancer, artist and communicator to bring to the team a sense of improv and a knack for listening. 

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