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Our HQ

   Back in the early days when this ambitious global project was but a fresh idea, I envisioned a production site, a special place of harmony, peace and mutual respect where people would be happy to come to work each day with the common goal of contributing to the betterment of our world while taking care of this beautiful planet.

   It took months of relentless search until we accidentally came across the perfect site 30 kms away from the big city of Saigon in the direct vicinity of huge grey sedge fields. The main building which stands in the center of the spacious site surrounded by a brick wall, was completely renovated 3 months prior to our first visit.

   We cleaned up the generous sized parking lot gradually, which served as a depository for construction materials. While bringing in new plants and flowers for the garden, we transformed the back room of the building into the main production space. We introduced a new selective system for collecting trash, and we banned plastic straws—still very commonly used daily in Vietnam.


   This is where practically everything happens. The raw material is transported to the site from various local farmers and leaves the site as the final packaged product heading to various destinies in the hope of making a difference in someone's day.

- David Simon / CEO

YNI sedgy in fron of oven 2.jpg
YNI geese in the house_edited.jpg
sedgy in tube in front of oven with fres
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